Anna Maria Island Bakeries and Dessert Shops

Santa Claus is known for quite a few things: his collective of reindeer with varying nose colors, his small army of toy-arming elves, and his big belly that fills a bright red suit. Of course, feeding that big belly is no small feat, which is why Santa Claus is known for something else, as well: his tireless pursuit of the best cookie.

Santa Claus loves cookies, but he can tire of sampling biscuit after biscuit across the country on Christmas Eve. He seems to be getting a little picky, too. Rumor has it that he leaves all the oatmeal cookies. And a recent report from the North Pole says that he doesn’t like too many chocolate chips. Who would have thought?!

So, why not offer Santa something a little different this year? If you’re spending Christmas vacationing on Anna Maria Island, you are in luck – and so is Santa. There are some mouth-watering bakeries on Anna Maria that offer some over-the-top sweets. Try to save at least a few for the big night!

So, how can you show Santa appreciation for all his hard work? Here are our suggestions:

Anna Maria Bakery

The Best Bakeries on Anna Maria

Where can you get the best desserts on Anna Maria Island? Follow our guide so Santa doesn’t have to find them himself.

The Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery is simply divine. It has two main delights: gelato and truffles. While the former may not do too well sitting on the counter all night waiting for Santa – with so many houses to visit, who knows when he’ll make it to Anna Maria Island. However, truffles can be excellent bite-sized treats for a busy man on a toy-delivering mission.

The bakery has a selection of specialized William Dean truffles. They are handmade daily and often provided in small gift boxes. After you leave one or two out for Santa, hide the rest. He may go wandering around the house looking for the box.

We also recommend Cupcake Delights. The shop is famous for the cupcakes, as you might have guessed from the name. The Butter Cream and Cream Cheese frostings are made with real butter and a splash of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Be sure to taste the seasonal selections, such as pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin white chocolate mousse, and sweet potato pie.

Hometown Desserts whips up a daily assortment of high-quality delicacies. The most famous is the Key lime pie coconut cake. Call ahead to request a special fleet of customized desserts.
You can also visit the local island Publix grocery store. They have a wide and affordable selection of fresh desserts. We prefer the Heath bar cookies or the donuts in the glass counter. If you want to feed a large group on a budget, go visit the Publix bakery section.

Anna Maria Donuts

The Donut Experiment

Are donuts the new frozen yogurt?

However you slice it – and bake it – donuts are in. And what better place to enjoy this dessert trend than a place known for toying with the conventions of America’s favorite sweet bread with a hole in the middle.

The Donut Experiment is similar to a mad scientist’s lab, except with fewer monsters and more sugar. You’ll find donuts topped with sprinkles, sour candies, and crushed Oreos, and others drizzled with chocolate syrup, caramel, and marshmallow. Filled to the brim with dense donuts in a myriad of flavors, this fun shop is a confectionary of fun treats and sweets.

Book one of your own vacation rentals today, and enjoy this year’s holiday on a tropical Florida island. And don’t forget to leave a unique, local sweet for Santa Claus’ visit to Anna Maria.