Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Your Pet to Anna Maria Island

A family vacation is supposed to be something that is meant for the whole family to partake in, and that means the pets should be included where applicable as well! Sure, it might be hard to get a python on a plane or get lizard to sit still for an entire car trip, but I’m sure your dog would be more than happy to tag along! The amazing thing about Anna Maria Island is that it is an amazing place to go on vacation if you are looking to have your furry companion come along for the fun.

dog smiling

Choosing Your Rental

Why spend the money to board your dog in a kennel when they can come with you and have just as much relaxation time as you? Kennels tend to cause stress to pets, and then there is the whole worry about routines being broken or rules not being followed while you are gone. You could easily have someone house sit for you, but you still risk running into the same issues of rules and routines being broken. If the pet comes with you, then you can ensure that everything stays the same and that your dog gets some beach time as well!

When choosing your lodging, you need to make sure that the rental providers have pet-friendly options available. Luckily, at Anna Maria Vacations, we understand that people enjoy bringing their pets with them, and we have pet-friendly accommodations available upon your request! And the best part is that these accommodations vary in size based on your party size. 

What to Do With Your Dog

Once you arrive, you will notice that many of the beaches do have signs up promoting a “dog free” beach; however, Holmes Beach is an exception to this rule. Not only do they allow dogs on the beach, but there is also a separate area of the beach roped up to be a leash-free zone! The beach does have a strict rule about picking up after your dog, but that is something dog owners already do to begin with, so no worries there. 

If the sand isn’t your speed, there are a few local parks on the island that offer you some green space to enjoy the afternoon sun with your pet. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sights and sounds that the island has to offer while relaxing in the shade!

dog and owner on beach

Where to Eat With Your Dog

There are also a few amazing restaurants in the area that each boast a pet-friendly environment, allowing dogs on the patio with their owners. Harry’s Grill is the first place that comes to mind. With unbeatable prices and absolutely incredible food, the smells alone will draw you in! Once you arrive, the view and the food are what will keep you there for a while. Open for all three meals of the day, Harry’s Grill has something on the menu that will indulge everyone. Their fresh, locally caught seafood options are something that you won’t want to miss out on!

Many of the cafes in the area also have some pet friendly accommodations in place, such as watering stations and shaded areas to rest during a walk on a hot day. Most are also willing to pass you a bowl of ice water to help cool you and your pooch down if needed. 

If you are looking for a pet-friendly environment to enjoy your next vacation, then Anna Maria Island is the place to be. With so many options for food and entertainment and some absolutely amazing accommodations, you need to call 941.778.4178 now and let us book your next getaway!