Golf Cart Rentals on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is about seven miles long – not quite big enough to need a car rental, but not quite small enough to walk to all the beaches and attractions you’ll want to visit. That’s where golf cart rentals come in hand.

There are plenty of good reasons to rent a golf cart while vacationing on Anna Maria Island. For one, they’re fun. Riding around all day in an open-air vehicle is a great way to enjoy the warm breeze of the Gulf of Mexico. Secondly, they are easy to park. Golf carts are much smaller than even a two-door sedan, meaning you can squeeze into small spots during high season. Finally, since golf carts run on electricity instead of gas, they are a lot better for the environment than a car.

Thankfully, there are numerous places to rent golf carts on Anna Maria Island. Below we highlight four of the top golf cart rental providers on the island.

where to get a golf cart on anna maria island

Beach Bums

Beach Bums is a comprehensive option for all kinds of beach-goers and golfers alike. Beach Bums excels with its wide selection of rentable gear, from umbrellas to scooters. You can also find a lot of exciting commemorative trinkets and souvenirs to take home, or to mail back to a friend.

The main service here is rentals. You can find bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, and general beach gear to make the most of your trip. Of course, we are primarily here for the golf carts. Beach Bums carts are street legal, electric, eco-friendly, and affordable. You can grab a four-seat cart or an eight-seat cart, with luxury cart options to up the adventure.

Prices are by hour, day, three days, or a week, and they vary from about $30 an hour to around $400 for a week.

AMI Beach Buggys

Cruise in style! It is right on the homepage of the website of this local provider, and they mean it. These awesome carts are basically souped-up golf carts. Dubbed “buggies,” they look like a cross between a Smart Car and a dune buggy. With four and six seat options, they give you plenty of room for a big group. You can get carts dropped off to any of the Anna Maria Island places to stay. This provider utilizes Polaris Gem carts, known for their extreme comfort and open-air design. Unlike other providers on this list, AMI Beach Buggys is focused exclusively on golf cart rentals, so you get dedicated and specific knowledge about each and every cart.

Gulf Coast Carts

This provider is all about leisure, with Bluetooth-enabled radios, cozy seating, and flexible term rates. Delivery and pick-up are included in the base rate. Prices for a six-seater vary from about $100 for a one-day rental or $500 for a week-long rental.

Gulf Coast Carts stresses the practicality of renting a golf cart for the whole trip. Golf carts are also extremely useful modes of transportation. You can travel at about 35 miles per hour across the island. They are street legal on Anna Maria, so don’t think of them as golf course or bike path vehicles.

Robinhood Rentals

Robinhood expands the possibilities of renting. This establishment offers golf carts, beach chairs, paddleboards, umbrellas, mini cars, and anything else involving the beach and island transportation. The shop also offers cover-ups, hoodies, floats, and other useful apparel and beach gear for sale.

The golf carts here are gas-powered and street legal. You don’t need a security deposit, however upfront reservations are required due to high demand. Robinhood is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you need early transportation, try to obtain a cart the day before.

Place to Stay

Customers will need a driver’s license and credit card for most rentals. Have a blast exploring the top sights, and make sure you are prepared to cruise the streets of Anna Maria Island in your very own golf cart.

There are rental shops across the entire island, so you are never far from the acton. We have places to stay on Anna Maria Island on both the north and south ends, meaning you can easily pick up a golf cart right near your rental.