Horseback Riding on the Beach in Florida

Horseback riding and the beach- why wasn’t every beachside town in the world thought of this concept?

Horseback riding is one of the most memorable experiences you can have on Anna Maria Island. Explore your surroundings with this meaningful adventure along the isolated beaches of Anna Maria Island.

Who is providing this service and where? Perhaps most importantly, what can you expect from Anna Maria Island horseback riding? It’s an adventure you absolutely need to dive into, but you have to know what you are even getting into in the first place.

Horseback Riding on the Beach in Florida

Local Horseback Providers

Surprisingly, there isn’t just one single horseback riding service available. There are about 10 in the surrounding communities with two right off the island.

Real BeachHorses: Real BeachHorses is located at 8400 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209 offering horseback riding on the Palm Sola Bay. The Old Florida ambiance and romantic energy will keep you and everyone in your group utterly captivated. BeachHorses offers group discount rates and adventures that include horse surfing.

CPonies: CPonies has multiple locations in the surrounding region, with one in Bradenton, FL. Eager adventurers can get a photo package to forever capture the event. The crew builds the horseback riding trip around the water, so expect to get a little wet as you frolic in the waves.

Each rider gets their own horse and rates are usually set by the hour for most providers. Tickets must be bought ahead of time from a pre-established schedule. Trips typically run from the morning and to the afternoon, while evening trips are rare.

Groups large or small can navigate the paths of Anna Maria Island and the surrounding area, and head to some of the most spectacular sights on Florida’s west coast.

What Should I Expect?

Whether you go with one of the two above horseback riding services or something else further away from Anna Maria Island, you should expect the overall experience to be similar. Riders will take a trip from the location and to the beach for some leg of the adventure. Trips usually last about two hours. Some will have a lunch stop, and most will take an afternoon break for a dip in the bay or the gulf.

It is also common for the horses to be well-trained for some fun in the water. “Horse skiing” is a popular and certainly unique activity. You can ride a horse as it glides through the water. Simply request various activities with your selected provider. You can likely get a customized experience that stays primarily on the beach, in the water, or near the trails.

What Should I Bring?

To best prepare for the trip, make sure you have an extra pair of clothes. You are bound to get wet. You may want to grab binoculars to see the water wildlife close up. Sunscreen is essential. The afternoons can get toasty, and you don’t want to be half out on the journey and realize you are baking under the Florida sun. You may not get a lot of shade. Inquire with your guide for more about safety and protection from the sun.

Can Family Not Participating See and Take Photographs?

Not everyone will want to spend some time horseback riding, and that’s okay. How can they get involved? Typically, a horseback riding trip goes through three phases. The first is the practice period, which is where the guide will spend 30 minutes getting a feel for the group and allowing for some often-needed practice time.

From there, some quiet time will be spent walking on the actual beach. This brings in the third phase, which usually involves some kind of water activity if that’s something you would like to do, such as horse surfing or just getting off the horse and swimming. The details vary, but it is during the earliest practice time and the time spent at the beach where family members can easily take photographs and watch.

For further details, reach out to your dedicated guide provider.

Anna Maria Island horseback riding is a riveting adventure, and one made monumentally better by being right by the beach. Choose your favorite horse. Build a connection. Take to the waters. It’s all possible on your AMI vacation getaway.