Is Anna Maria Island a City?

Anna Maria Island is one of the most popular small-town destinations along the Gulf of Mexico. But the question remains: is Anna Maria Island a city?

Here is a brief overview of the region, as well as information on what you can expect to see and do, including places to stay on Anna Maria Island,

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Overview of Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island. It is about seven miles long and encompasses a multitude of smaller towns and villages. It is bordered by Tampa Bay to the north, the mainland city of Bradenton to the east, Longboat Key in the south and, of course, the vast Gulf of Mexico to the west.

The island is connected to its southern neighbors via Longboat Pass, a bridge that carries you over into Longboat Key and further south along the gulf.

Anna Maria Island includes a number of beaches, notably Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach. Both are wonderful spots to visit, play, sun, and swim, and all island travelers should take an afternoon or evening break and check them out.

Despite what some may believe, Anna Maria Island is not actually a city itself, but rather a beautiful gulf island that encompasses a number of small cities.

The City of Anna Maria

There are a few cities within Anna Maria Island, including the original City of Anna Maria.

The City of Anna Maria is situated at the northern end of Anna Maria Island. It has a laid-back energy when compared to many of the communities south of the city.

Many visitors and locals stick around the east side of the island, particularly around Bayfront Park. The Anna Maria Island City Pier is a key attraction, with stunning water views and a constant supply of hungry shorebirds. The pier was built in 1911, and has remained a pivotal fixture of the community.

Bean Point is also a well-kept secret. On the very northern tip of the island, eager adventurers can seek breathtaking views of Tampa Bay in the east.

The entire city is a bird sanctuary, attracting tens of thousands of rare migratory birds every season. It is a sight to behold. Just east of the island, parallel to the northern tip, is Robinson Preserve – a worthwhile park to visit to observe and learn about the area’s ecosystems. It encompasses about 600 acres of gorgeous wetlands, as well as coastal areas that attract marine mammals, such as manatee and dolphin.

The northern part of the island also has some fascinating historical attractions. The Anna Maria Island Historical Museum was once an ice plant. The region’s first jail is also situated on the premises.

Many locals may stay in Anna Maria during the week, only popping down to more bustling cities in the south for a weekend getaway. It’s a small city with small-town vibes, and a place worthy of your attention.

The Cities of Anna Maria Island

Every city on Anna Maria Island has its own identity. For example, Bradenton Beach is known for its tourism culture, and features many amazing water activities. These include kayaking and canoeing. Holmes Beach is the commercial heart of the island. It is where most of the locals shop and gather. Visitors also flock to Holmes Beach for its comparatively quieter beach escapes.

Anna Maria proper, in the northern portion of the island, has a quiet demeanor. With its impressive natural attractions and isolation from the commercial heart of Holmes Beach, the City of Anna Maria makes for idyllic vacation headquarters for your family.

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