The Best Watersports on Anna Maria Island

Everyone looks for something different when they are on vacation. Some people look for a place where they can kick back and relax and hopefully rejuvenate before they return to their daily grind. Others prefer to make the most of their time on vacation by participating in as many fun activities as they possibly can. If you fall into the second group, then Anna Maria Island is the place for you to be! Whether you are looking for something calming like kayaking, or something a little more adventurous like surfing and jet skiing, the island is the place to try it out.

surfboard on beach

What to Do and Where to Rent

There are many different watersports to choose from, but the island is known for kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, and jet skiing. With its many inlets and jetties, the island provides the perfect atmosphere for learning these new activities and then exploring with them.

AMI Watersports has you covered for almost everything that you could need in regard to water sports equipment rental. Their prices are competitive, and they are knowledgeable about the places that you should take each rental to get the most out of it. They know the best place for waves for surfing and the best kayaking and paddleboard areas to get the best views. 

Kayaking & Paddleboarding

When you are out on the water in your kayak or paddleboard, you want to stay closer to the shore. Not only does this keep you from drifting too far out, but you also get some of the best views from the shoreline. There are also various places on the island that you can explore as well. These waterways are home to some amazing avian species, as well as dolphins and manatees. There is also nothing like the sunset over the water as seen from your kayak or paddleboard. 

Most rental shops will offer you lessons or simply allow you to rent their equipment for the day for those who already have experience. We suggest taking some lessons and asking about return visit discounts if you plan on going back more than once. 


There are plenty of places around the island to surf, but the best surfing conditions can be found in the morning or in the early evening. The absolute best place to surf is off of the White Avenue beach access in the city of Anna Maria. While the surfing might not be world class, the rough days provide entertainment for all levels of surfers. 

Jet Skiing

Another fun activity is jet skiing. By renting a jet ski, you can guarantee that you are going to see things on your vacation that are not accessible any other way. We suggest renting a jet ski to explore the shoreline further than you could with a kayak or paddleboard. Some of the island is completely inaccessible by land, but with your jet ski, that won’t be a problem. Depending on the time of year, you can get pretty good deals on rentals as well. You can also find plenty of places that offer jet ski tours if you’re not quite ready to venture out on your own. 

jet ski

The only thing left that you should need to think about is what type of rental property you plan on staying in. Luckily, Anna Maria Vacations has your every need covered with our abundance of rental options. Regardless of the size of the group or the type of vacation, our customer service representatives are standing by and ready to help you book your next incredible vacation on Anna Maria Island. Call 941.778.4178 today and come join us on the island!