Top 10 Reasons to Vacation on Anna Maria Island

There are plenty of reasons to visit Anna Maria Island this year, as it’s one of the most scenic, welcoming and laid-back Florida vacation destinations around.

This list should help convince you to start planning your next trip and booking your Anna Maria Island beach vacation rental!

anna maria island baeches

#1 – Beaches

With world famous beaches like Coquina Beach and Manatee Beach, white sand, amazing amenities, and plenty of sun, Anna Maria Island is the ideal place to escape for a beach getaway. The water is warm and swimmable during much of the year and calm – ideal for families.

#2 – Amazing Seafood

The seafood on Anna Maria Island can’t be beat by many other destinations. With a combination of a great price, family friendly atmospheres, and a variety of different cuisines to choose from, it’s a seafood lover’s paradise! Try some of the island’s most popular establishments like The Beach House, The Sandbar, Rod and Reel Pier, Sign of the Mermaid, or The Feast Restaurant.

anna maria island nature parks

#3 – Incredible Outdoor Attractions

The outdoor attractions on Anna Maria Island are plentiful – from wildlife tours to swimming, boating, dolphin boat tours, wildlife preserves, peaceful kayaking, shore fishing or fishing charters, and so much more. If you’re into ocean activities, hiking, or simple relaxing bird watching or wildlife viewing, you are in for a treat in the coastal paradise of Anna Maria Island.

anna maria island wildlife

#4 – Always Something to Do

You’ll never run out ideas when it comes to things to do on Anna Maria Island. As if there weren’t enough outdoor attractions, you’ll find all the manmade comforts you could ever want including a variety of boutiques, gift and souvenir shops, wine and gourmet food sellers, and farmers’ markets.

anna maria island activities

#5 – See “Old Florida”

One of the most unique features of Anna Maria Island is the fact that the 3 main communities on the island maintain an “Old Florida” nostalgic feeling that you simply can’t find elsewhere. From the neighborly and friendly locals, to the lack of skyscrapers or tall building obstructing the vistas, this island is truly one of the last remaining throwbacks to vintage Florida.

city jail anna maria historical attraction

#6 – Visit Historic Attractions

Anna Maria Island is full of interesting historic attractions like the Roser Church, Bean Point and its scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico and wildlife, and the City Pier.

The Bridge Street Pier is a top historic site and gathering area on the island in Bradenton Beach where you can easily spend a day. Also drop in the Anna Maria Historical Society for more info on the island’s past.

#7 – Beautiful Sunsets

The sunsets on Anna Maria Island are somewhat legendary, thanks to the incredible views that you’ll find just about everywhere along the shore.

Whether strolling along on your own stretch of beach, dining at a waterfront restaurant, or out on a boat tour, you’ll remember the dazzling sunsets for quite a while.

anna maria sunsets at the beach

#8 – Great Live Music

You’re sure to love the incredible live music that you can find at several of the island’s nightlife hotspots and restaurants, with local acts playing anything from bluegrass, rock, blues, country and pop.

With such a variety you’re sure to find an act that will be pleasing to hear and will keep you entertained during your meal or relaxation time.

anna maria art galleries

#9 – Incredible Local Art

The Bradenton-Sarasota region is known for its high concentration of career artists, and several of them sell their art on Anna Maria Island or live there. Stop by many of the local boutiques and shops to pick up some local art as truly unique souvenirs to take back home.

#10 – Several Amazing Vacation Rentals

There’s no need to throw away money on hotels with the vast selection of amenity loaded Anna Maria Island vacation rentals that we have available. They’re cost-efficient and the perfect way to enjoy the best that the island has to offer in true comfort! Check them out on our website today or call us at (941)-778-4178.