Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Anna Maria Island Vacation

The beach season is here in full swing, and it’s time to go on a vacation to celebrate. There are so many places to see that you might get caught up in the potential excitement without pausing to think, “what do I actually need?”

What are the top 10 things to bring that you may have potentially missed? Not sure? Thankfully, the below is your handy and informative checklist, including a few tips to go with each item, to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the vacation getaway ahead.

anna maria packing checklist

1. Your Finest Bathing Suit: You don’t want to be stuck without a special cute suit. Bring that one main and fantastic suit for the trip.

2. A Back-Up Suit: It so happens that Anna Maria Island is filled with places to swim all times of the day. What happens if you end up at the poolside deck of a restaurant? You could wind up on the northern end by Bean Point towards the evening, yet your suit is over-used and dirty from your afternoon spent at the beach. You will come to find a secondary suit pretty helpful.

3. Three “Main “Outfits: You will want something casual and good for the early morning. You will want a regular “outside wear” for when you hit one of the attractions, visit a museum, etc. Lastly, you will want to remember an adorable evening dress, a nice top, or something to fit the ambiance for the evening. Girls and guys could follow the three “main” outfits rule.

4. Insect Repellant: The insects aren’t so bad by the water. If you have one of the beachfront vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island, it may not be an immediate concern. But you’ll definitely want some repellant if you head off the island or into the parks.

5. A Charger: A cell phone charger seems to be that one little thing that always slips through the cracks. This is an expensive buy and one you won’t need to make if you remember to bring yours.

6. Basic Beach Gear: Bring one special beach item, such as a wet suit, snorkel, or fins. You could probably afford to leave large and bulky beach items that are also cheap at home. Unless you have a beach towel or bag you just love, it may not need to come with you. For one, it frees up some valuable space. Secondly, many of these items can be purchased on Anna Maria Island without costing a lot. Island Bazaar (3304 E Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217) is your go-to place for finding affordable and fun beach supplies and apparel. If it’s bulky and you need the space, consider just buying something cheap and handy when you get there.

7. A Bag with Essentials and Valuables: It may be smart to keep all your immediate valuables in a nice (and safely secured) bag. With this trick, you know where everything is. You will not lose a passport or driver’s license at some point if you know it’s all contained nicely in a locked bag.

8. A Back-Up ID: It is always smart to have two forms of identification available. This is especially so if you are flying. Something like a passport, student ID, or something else will get the job done.

9. Hygiene Products: Bring at least the big three for hygienic travel: deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, to avoid having to pick them up once you arrive. Keep them all contained in a single container. You can also purchase travel-sized packs when you get to the island.

10. A Fun Travel Tool: You may want to bring something that only serves a purpose if you are exploring a new area and visiting the nature. This could be binoculars to spot a dolphin or manatee, a compass, and camping gear, among other fun travel-oriented items.

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