Where is Anna Maria Island on the Map?

Where is Anna Maria Island on the map?

Scan the entire Gulf Coast of Florida – if you blink, you could miss it.

Anna Maria Island may seem big when you are there, but it is actually a small sliver of an escape, tucked away right in the side of Tampa Bay.

Vacationers eager to see what Anna Maria Island is all about may have a problem finding their vacation destination. But we give you everything you need to find Anna Maria Island on the map, learning about its top areas to see, and the most productive way to get to the island.

where is anna maria island on the map

Finding Anna Maria Island on the Map

So you searched through all our places to stay on Anna Maria Island, found your top picked, and booked a vacation. You may not be that far – yet. But if you want to come to Anna Maria, you came to the right page!

Take a map of Florida and head to its west coast. Almost directly in the middle of the “boot” sits the great big city of Tampa. This is the island’s nearest major city. You can also spot Orlando, the home of Disney World, about 85 miles to the east.

Tampa is famous for being on the water, and you couldn’t miss the massive body of water that juts into the Tampa’s coastline. This is Tampa Bay, and it is one of the city’s defining traits. If you clear southwest across Tampa Bay, passing Tampa’s sister city St. Petersburg on the way, you will land right near Bradenton. Head directly west, and you’ll see where the mainland ends. Here, you can spot a small strip of land. This area seems to connect further down, but it only officially continues about seven miles south of Bradenton. A bridge takes you to another barrier island entirely, Longboat Key.

Zoom in just a bit and you will see the island’s defining features – a thin strip with a thicker head of land at the northern end – more clearly.

This is Anna Maria Island, your next vacation escape.

Getting to Know Anna Maria’s Layout

Anna Maria Island is essentially divided into three main parts. All of these areas have their own particular characteristics and traits, making them all wonderful places to see on your upcoming vacation.

The first is the City of Anna Maria, often shortened to Anna Maria. This area sits on the northern point of the island, and is home to the main historic district. You can walk famous Pine Avenue, stop by Palmetto Avenue Beach, buy some beach gear at Beach Bums, or play at Bayfront Park.

When people discuss going to Anna Maria, they are often referring specifically to this main historic hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining.

The second part of the island is Holmes Beach. It is most well-known for the island’s most popular beach destination, Manatee Public Beach. This is a major hub of beach fun, and contains some excellent balcony seafood dining and emerald-tinted waters.

The final part is on the quieter southern side of Anna Maria Island. Bradenton Beach has many cozy beach features, such as brightly colored beach decks, sprawling white beaches, cool cottages, and Old Florida landmarks.

How to Get to Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island can primarily be reached in one of three ways. There are two main bridge entry points on the eastern side of the island, with one near the top and one near the middle. There is a final bridge access point coming up north through Longboat Key. If you want the most scenic route to the island, try to come up from the bottom and drive the bulk of its length.

Explore our many Anna Maria Island places to stay and see the vacation destination everyone is going on and on about. There’s no better time than now to see the Gulf Coast.